Maybe your veterinarian sends you a postcard, an email, or a push notification through their clinic app, but the message is still the same.
“Your pet is due for their physical exam!” it reads.
You look down at your furry family member. “Again?” you think, “It feels like we were just at the vet, and besides, you seem perfectly healthy and happy.
You want the best for your little one, but it can be easy to let your pet’s check-up slip to the bottom of the ever-growing to-do list, especially when nothing seems wrong with them.

Although routine exams can seem frivolous, they are extra-important for dogs and cats because they age so much faster than we do. For example, in the first two years of life, puppies age about ten and a half years for every one human year!
In fact, that is why puppies and kittens require so many checkups. At each vaccine visit, your vet conducts a thorough examination to make sure they’re on track developmentally and to address any health concerns as they change so quickly.

As our furry family members mature into adults, their growth slows, so an annual exam typically becomes the recommended minimum. While it depends on species and breed, most adult pets age between 5-10 years for every one human year. Imagine if you went to the doctor every 5-10 years, just how much would change between visits!

Our furry family members are also experts at hiding pain, which means that even though your pet appears happy, they could have underlying health issues. Some diseases, such as dental disease and obesity, are very common but often go undetected, and can greatly affect a pet’s quality of life if unknowingly left untreated.

Then, as seniors, our furry family members once again require more frequent visits to keep them on track, typically at least twice a year.

Just like humans, our pets’ bodies and minds go through a lot of changes throughout this life stage. However, age is not a disease! With some preventative care, early diagnosis, and a healthy lifestyle, your veterinarian can give you the tools to help your furry family member thrive in their golden years.

Time is a precious resource. Fortunately, by investing our time in routine checkups today, we can be rewarded with more time with our furry family members later on.

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