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Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats

More snuggles on the couch. More games of fetch. More days greeting you at the door when you get home from work. That’s the goal of veterinary medicine – to help you give your little one the gift of more good days.

Here are some of the ways our team supports you in that goal.

Internal Diagnostic Imaging Department (Ultrasonography and Radiography)

Each of Neighbourhood Pet Clinic’s four locations is equipped with a modern, digital X-ray unit. In the hands of our medical team, this recently-updated equipment gives you access to clear, higher-quality diagnostic images at your preferred location when your furry family member is unwell. However, when more in-depth diagnostics are required, as one of our “neighbours”, you also have access to our exclusive internal diagnostic imaging department, located within our North London location.

There, our diagnostic imaging team uses their expertise to select and perform more precise X-rays or an Ultrasound series if necessary to diagnose your little one. We also regularly host a board-certified veterinary cardiologist to perform specialized cardiac ultrasounds. The imaging team acts as an extension of the veterinarian managing your little one’s case, sharing medical records and working in direct collaboration with the veterinary team every step of the way, to get you the answers you need to make informed and timely decisions about their care.

For you, this means you skip the inconvenience, long wait times, and additional costs of a third-party referral. Most importantly, with access to these advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, you can get your furry family member on the road to recovery faster, so they can get back to doing what they love.

PHOVIA Light Therapy System

Skin issues can be frustrating for everybody! If your furry family member suffers from dermatological concerns, Phovia Light Therapy may be an option to get them on the path to relief.

Often used to supplement a dermatological treatment plan, which may include medication and/or a prescription diet, the PHOVIA System uses Flurescent Light Energy to support the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms. It is applied topically in a two-part system. When used together, an LED lamp and a chromophore gel produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that, over multiple sessions, stimulates biological effects we observe as more rapid skin regeneration.

To learn more, visit Talk to your veterinarian to determine if PHOVIA Light Therapy is suitable for your furry family member’s skin condition.


If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know how much oral health affects quality of life! Unfortunately, dental disease is so common in dogs and cats that nearly all adult dogs and cats suffer from some form of oral pain.

Dental disease affects more than just the teeth, it can also lead to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontal disease (the inflammation and destruction of the structure that holds the tooth into the jaw). The result is bad breath, gum disease, pain, infection, and tooth loss. Additionally, the bacteria puts strain on vital organs, leading to heart, liver, and kidney disease.

The only way to treat dental disease is with a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (“COHAT”). This is a dentistry procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian, under general anesthetic. Our Westmount location is equipped with a newly renovated dental suite and we have several veterinarians who perform canine and feline dentistry.

As with any surgery, safety is our number one priority. Your little one will receive pre-sedation to help them relax and IV fluids throughout the procedure. Anesthesia is customized for each patient and monitored by a skilled veterinary technician.

In our modern, quiet, and clean dental suite, we will perform scaling, polishing, and a fluoride treatment on your furry family member’s mouth. Just like in human density, we will perform dental X-rays to assess below the gumline. Your veterinarian will evaluate the X-rays for signs of bone loss or tooth root abscesses. They will probe to assess for any pockets that have formed below the gumline, extract any diseased teeth, and finish with post-extraction X-rays.

Comfort is always top-of-mind at Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, so your little one will be sent home with pain medication to keep them comfortable in the days following their extractions. Once healing begins, many pet parents report that their dog or cat will play with their favourite toys again, is more interested in food, and has more energy!

Everyone wants more good years with their furry family members; keeping up with preventative dental cleanings and regular oral examinations is one of the most rewarding ways to do so.


Whether your furry family member requires surgery for a routine spay or emergency foreign body removal, our surgical suites and team are stocked with thoughtful touches to make their experience as comforting as possible. Some highlights include a “Bair Hugger” to provide warmed air during surgery, heating lamps in recovery, and white noise machines to reduce sound during their stay.

Safety is our top priority and we take every precaution to provide the surgical experience we would expect for any member of the family. Each surgery starts with a pre-anesthetic surgical examination. Anaesthesia is customized for each patient and individually monitored throughout surgery by a skilled veterinary technician. Our surgical suites are quiet, clean, and well-stocked with technology to improve clinical outcomes. We provide pre-sedation, IV fluids, and pain medication so that they are comfortable when they wake up, and monitoring continues after they wake up until they are ready to go home.

Should your furry family member require a surgery that our surgeons are unable to perform, the expertise of our DVM Concierge can arrange a referral on your behalf to the most suitable surgeon, to get your little one the care they need.

However, our team of competent surgeons can perform a wide range of surgical procedures, including advanced dentistry, foreign body removal, splenectomy, ex-cap CCL repair, enucleations, GDV surgery, amputations, gastropexy, and more. This reduces the need for referrals, minimizing expense and delay when instead, your little one can be treated locally by the team you know and trust.


As part of our commitment to provide a comfortable and convenient experience, we are also happy to offer telemedicine consultations with a veterinarian. When medically appropriate, our veterinarian can call you to gather the necessary information for your furry family member’s treatment plan over the phone and/or with photos and videos.

If mobility or transportation is a barrier to care, we can also pick up your furry family member in our pet shuttle and perform an examination at our clinic while you speak to the veterinarian from the comfort of your home.

Ask our team if a telemedicine exam is a suitable option for your furry family member.


Not only does your furry family member’s diet power their body, it also has the ability to treat and prevent disease!

At Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, we carry a wide range of veterinary-exclusive diets. These products are not available at pet food stores because they are considered to be “prescription” foods. Veterinary diets are formulated to treat a specific condition; think of them as medicine. For example, some of these products can dissolve urinary crystals, control diabetes, or reduce severe adverse food reactions!

We know that your furry family member’s taste preferences may vary, so you’ll find we carry veterinary-exclusive diets from all three major brands: Hill’s, Royal Canin, and Purina. These are the three brands that perform the most vigorous medical testing to ensure their products meet their claims. However, we can also order a variety of products from other brands to suit your needs.

Did you know that there are only two main suppliers of veterinary diets in Ontario? At Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, we have accounts with both. This provides you with the widest selection of products to ensure your little one gets the food they need, when they need it. We also share products between locations, so even if we don’t have your food in stock at your home clinic, we can often get it there same-day.

Are you looking for nutrition advice? Whether you’re feeding a prescription diet or a retail diet, talk to our team at your next appointment about calculating your furry family member’s caloric needs. Together, we can ensure your little one is getting the nutrients they need, without overfeeding. Not only does this save you money, keeping obesity at bay also helps your little one live a longer, happier life!

Whether you’re looking for a diet to support your furry family member’s specific condition, or just to support their overall health as they age, our team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Preventative Care

Dogs and cats age much faster than their human counterparts and are experts at hiding pain. Fortunately, this instinct is what has helped them survive for thousands of years!

However, this also means that significant health changes can happen to your furry family member very quickly and can easily go unnoticed by the humans that love them. By keeping up with your furry family member’s preventative care, you can identify illness early, keep disease at bay, and give them the best chance at a long, healthy, and happy life!

Preventative health care typically includes immunizations, annual heartworm testing, parasite prevention, dental care, weight management, spaying/neutering, and regular examinations (at least once/year for healthy adult pets, and several times/year for juveniles and seniors).

Our team is continuously doing Continuing Education (CE) to stay up-to-date on the current best practices in veterinary medicine. We also offer Fear Free training to all of our team members to help reduce your little one’s fear, anxiety, and stress while at our facilities. Our goal is to make the vet a place that your furry family member actually wants to visit!

Please contact our team to learn more about the guidelines and which preventative care measures your veterinarian recommends for your pet’s individual needs, and for a customized plan to make each visit as comfortable as possible for them.

Urgent Care

Just like humans, from time to time, our furry family members will get injured or sick. But when you’re feeling under-the-weather, the last thing you want to do is wait a week for an appointment!

Our team is equipped to offer same-day and next-day urgent care appointments for our “neighbours”. Plus, as a part of Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, you have access to four flexible locations within London, giving you access to expanded appointment availability to have your little one seen as soon as possible.

Whether it’s an ear infection, upset stomach, urinary changes, limping, or any other urgent concern, you have the peace of mind of knowing that our team is here to help. With more options for immediate treatment, you can get your furry family member back to doing all the things they love, sooner.

Emergency Care

In the case of a veterinary emergency, we know that it’s always preferable to go to the team who knows your furry family member. We reserve same-day emergency appointments at all of our locations for “neighbours” in need of prompt medical care, giving you expanded access to care when you need it most.

The Neighbourhood Pet Clinic network of care is equipped with a wide range of technology to assist in time-sensitive situations, including a tonometer for measuring eye pressure, a suction machine to remove fluid from the airway, and internal diagnostic imaging department providing ultrasound and radiography for speedy diagnosis when every minute counts.

In London, we are also privileged to have two emergency facilities located within our own city. Southern Ontario is also home to several other veterinary emergency facilities, located in Guelph, Windsor, Brantford, and Hamilton, and Mississauga.

No matter the time of day, if you experience a veterinary emergency, give us a call at (619) 649 0080. If it is outside of office hours, you’ll have the option of speaking to a third-party triage nurse who can assess your situation and advise the best next steps for care. Should emergency care be warranted, they will help direct you to the nearest available veterinary emergency facility.

Palliative Care, Euthanasia, and Aftercare

Palliative care is a philosophy that relinquishes the pursuit of curative treatment. We all want more time with our loved one, but in palliative care, the focus is often less on the number of days than it is the number of good days.

For our furry family members, many of life’s pleasures that constitute a “good day” are very much linked to their bodily systems. As their mobility, appetite, social ability, hygiene, and breathing declinde, their ability to enjoy walks, treats, and companionship also diminishes.

In veterinary medicine, there is also the option of compassionate euthanasia when considering quality of life. All four Neighbourhood Pet Clinic locations are equipped with a cozy “Rainbow Room”, dedicated to making your pet’s passing as comfortable as possible for the whole family. It is completely separate from the exam rooms and each clinic has a separate exit so that you do not have to return to the front lobby once your little one has passed.

Should your little one pass away at home, we can guide you through the options for aftercare, which may include cremation and/or memorial items. We can also direct you to a Pet Grief Helpline for access to professional counselling services.

We have a duty to treat your furry family member with the same dignity and respect in death as we do in life; trusting us to assist with their passing is a responsibility we do not take lightly. If at any time you would like to learn more about euthanasia and aftercare, our team would be honoured to assist you.

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