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Pet Shuttle and Mobile Veterinary Services

Neighbourhood Pet Clinic offers delivery, pet shuttle and in-home medical and pet care services in the city of London, Ontario.

If your busy schedule makes it hard to visit the clinic, or you struggle with finding reliable and affordable transportation, contact us to see how we can help! Feel free to contact us to learn more about any of the following services, or to arrange a time that works for both the clinic and your schedule. We accept cash upon delivery or are able to take credit card information over the phone.


We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the items that your furry family member needs.

That’s why we offer free delivery for food, medications, or pet supplies from our clinics. All you have to do is contact us to arrange a drop-off at your home or place or work.


Ask us about the wide range of pet food and treats that we carry in our clinic. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can usually place a special order just for you. With our free delivery, you can save a trip and enjoy more time at home with your furry family member!


Never miss a refill! We know that, just like humans, sometimes pets need require trips to the pharmacy to get the medications they need to stay healthy. If we’re filling a prescription for your pet, simply request delivery and we’ll bring the pharmacy to you! For no extra charge, it’s an easy way to make sure your little one’s needs are being met.


Food and medication is just the beginning. We have the ability to order in toys and many specialty products! Instead of ordering your item online, ask our team if we can order it into the clinic. We’ll likely receive and deliver it to your door faster than it would take to arrive in the mail… plus you’ll save on shipping!


Our Product Subscription Service is a convenient and free way to ensure your furry family member never runs out of their food or medication. We’ll create a re-order schedule based on your needs, automatically collect payment, and deliver it to your door. There is absolutely no fee for this service, just the cost of the product, and you can make adjustments or cancel at any time.

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Pet Shuttle
We know sometimes, it’s not easy or possible to travel with our furry family members. We’ve introduced our pet shuttle to make our services more accessible to everyone!

If you require the shuttle service, simply mention it to us while booking an appointment. Just contact us to schedule a time that works for you.


If your furry family member requires a veterinary or other appointment and you don’t have a vehicle, can’t drive, or even if your furry family member doesn’t fit in the car, we’d be happy to schedule a pick-up and drop off around your visit with us. We’ve got plenty of room for everyone in our van to help our clients and their pets get the care they need to be healthy and happy.


You don’t have to leave the house to have your dog groomed! We can pick up our furry friends from their homes, bring them to our facilities, and return them to their parents squeaky clean.

Regular grooming plays a role in your pet’s overall health. That’s why we’re happy to offer grooming as one of our in-clinic services. Click here to learn more about our grooming services.

Mobile Veterinary Care

There are many veterinary procedures that can be performed in the comfort of home.

For pets who don’t travel well, this can help reduce stress. When our furry friends feel at ease, it allows our veterinary team to provide the best care possible.

We know that sometimes, mobility challenges can make it difficult to get your pet to the vet. Our mobile unit allows us to bring many of our services to you. If an in-clinic visit is required, our shuttle service can also transport you and your pet to receive the necessary care.

If you have any questions about our mobile veterinary services or would like to book an appointment, contact us for more information.


Many of our furry friends visit us regularly for nail trims and anal gland expressions. Did you know that our veterinary technicians can perform these procedures (and more) in your home without a trip to the vet?

For cats especially, this is usually a much more welcome experience. Even though our facilities are designed to be as comfortable as possible, nothing beats the comfort of home. Many kitties find that this makes nail trims or nail cap applications (ex. Soft Paws) a breeze.

In a more familiar environment, dogs can also relax and enjoy the company of their visitors while we perform the necessary procedures to keep them healthy and happy. Plus, all at-home visits come with free treats and belly rubs!

In-Home Services

Being a pet parent is so rewarding, but sometimes it can be challenging to meet all of our furry family member’s needs. Whether you’re faced with a busy schedule, mobility challenges, or just need a helping hand, we offer a wide range of mobile services to accommodate. Contact us to inquire about the many mobile services we offer.


If you find your pooch has a lot of energy in the evenings or is gaining weight, it could be a result of inactivity. Dogs love companionship and exercise, so it can be tough for them to spend the day alone while their families are at school or work.

Our dog walkers will gladly visit your home and walk your dog so he or she can enjoy a break with some play and socialization.

This also makes a thoughtful gift for someone with a recent newborn or recovering from illness/surgery.


Cats make such wonderful companions, but mobility challenges and health issues can make it difficult or hazardous to change the litter.

If you need a hand, allow us to come and clean your cat’s litter so you can enjoy pet parenthood without the danger or stress.


If you’re away for most of the day or leaving for an extended period for a vacation, our at-home services can help to supplement your pet’s care in your absence.

We can feed your furry family members, change their water, allow them a bathroom break (or change the litter), and check in on their overall health. We will make sure that they get lots of love, socialization, and play during our visit as well!

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We are always open on long weekend Saturdays. Our clinic is closed on Statutory Holidays and Sunday only. We look forward to meeting your furry little one.

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