Gene Rayburn once hosted a show called “Match Game” in which he would ask a panel of stars and various contestants to complete a question. The point of the show was to match the words used to fill in the missing word in the question. Let’s get started.

Why do cats _______? (Eat grass). When cats eat grass they frequently vomit. Some think this is an evolutionary adaptation to purge themselves of parasites. Others believe it might be a response to low level inflammatory bowel disease.

Why do cats _______? (Hide in boxes). Cats once survived by hunting, but they also needed to avoid being hunted. Boxes and other camouflage simultaneously offer your feline friend a source of (apparent) protection from the dangers of the world while concealing their location from any prey they chose to stalk.

Why do cats _______? (Knead). As a kitten nursing their lactating mom, your cat would try to stimulate more milk release by rhythmically extending and contracting the toes of their feet pressed up against a swollen mammary gland. Those cats that knead a blanket or your arm as adults are simply re-living that blissful time of their lives they associate with the ingestion of warm milk and the comradery of kin.

Why do cats ______? (Hate water). While most cats shy away from water and don’t seem to like getting rained on or getting their paws wet others truly enjoy interacting with water. Some dip their foot in water and lick the moisture off their paws. It’s rare to see cats swimming. Maybe it’s because they aren’t good at shaking the way dogs do to get rid of the water.

Why do cats _______? (Purr). We really have no idea why cats purr. We know that it originates from the vocal cords and seems to vibrate through the sinus cavities of their head. We also know that it is associated with something pleasurable like the touch of one’s hand or the pleasure of one’s company. We don’t know if it serves some other lofty purpose. Many of us have asked our cats why they purr but the answer we get back is always the same – MEOW! (which means “feed me” in catspeak)

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