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We’re not corporate (and never will be).
But we’re no mom-and-pop shop either.

We’re proud and excited to show you what the Neighbourhood Pet Clinic model looks like in action at our four locations.

If you’re itching to see more and to meet our incredible team, contact us to arrange a tour. We’re currently seeking experienced and collaborative veterinarians to partner with us in our growth and would be delighted to meet you.

What are you looking for at your next practice?

✓ To work in an progressive, experiential practice

If you drool over the idea of being part of an independent, Instagrammable vet clinic that understands branding, niche markets, and being different by design, we invite you to step into one of our practices!

From the moment you walk in, you’ll notice that we don’t look, smell, sound, or feel like a vet clinic. Our spaces are bright with plenty of fresh air and greenery galore.

Being progressive is more than just aesthetics, though. You’ll find yourself working along a diverse team that collectively speaks more than 11 languages. You’ll support your community with 2 paid volunteer days/year and opportunities to give back through your work. You’ll have access to PeopleConnect online therapy and a workplace that is open about mental health. And if you want to plan for your future, you can grow with us through accessible opportunities for practice ownership.

Discover the hidden gem in London, Ontario that’s been doing things differently and paving the way for a new style of practice since 2008.

✓ Flexing my surgical muscles beyond just routine spays and neuters

If surgery is your happy place, you’ll be pleased to find our surgical suites stocked with modern technology and a team of competent surgeons to tackle advanced dentistry and challenging soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Some of our favourites include advanced dentistry, foreign body removal, splenectomy, ex-cap CCL repair, enucleations, GDV surgery, gastropexy, amputations, and electrocautery.

What types of surgeries and procedures excite you? Let’s discuss how we can get you in the surgical suite doing more of what you love.

✓ An opportunity for practice ownership


Feeling squeezed out of the market? A Joint Ventureship with Neighbourhood Pet Clinic can put practice ownership within reach. With a strong brand and proven systems already in place, we offer a new turn-key model that provides a strong foundation for your business to thrive.

We provide your HR, Marketing, Inventory, Communications and IT management, and the progressive business model that is changing the industry… You grow your investment by building a practice that you’re proud of.

If you’re excited by the idea of building equity in your own investment by coming to work every day and practicing the quality of medicine you believe in, let’s talk.

✓ Developing my skills and practicing the style of medicine that I believe in

At Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, we give our veterinarians the autonomy to develop their medicine and invest in your growth. We don’t dictate the products, medications, or foods that you can use to best serve your patients. By centralizing our inventory, our Inventory Manager is able to keep our Cost of Goods and Services low, while still meeting each doctor’s individual preferences. This allows for a wide array of products available at your fingertips.

Veterinary medicine is constantly innovating. We encourage and are accepting of new technology, the latest medical research, and pushing our practice of medicine to the next level. Share your wealth of knowledge in case management with a team who accepts new ideas!

✓ Knowing that leadership has my back

At Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, you’ll notice the difference it makes when leadership has expertise in both veterinary medicine and business (not just one or the other). We invest in our growth and our team members. We know the CVO inside and out. And unlike corporate practices, the only shareholders we’re accountable to are our fellow team members.

Additionally, you can find our practice owners working shoulder-to-shoulder with you in our clinics. Our leadership trusts your judgement to reward good behaviour as you see fit, and any abuse towards you or your team is not tolerated here.

Click here to talk to an associate veterinarian about working in a clinic with owners who will support your growth.

✓ Collaborating with like-minded individuals

You know you’re never on your own, with another Neighbourhood clinic located just down the street. The veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants across all four locations are all highly trained and work well together. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bounce around differential diagnoses or get a second opinion on a surgical case.

Work with our dedicated in-house Diagnostic Imaging department to get exceptional radiograph images and ultrasonography results in a timely fashion, complete with interpretation and next-step recommendations. No more waiting on Idexx imaging reports or sending cases away to get a diagnosis.

To prevent your to-do list from piling up, our DVM Concierge is available to provide virtual support to answer client questions, relay test results and achieve tasks that only a fellow veterinarian can manage.

Click here to be connected with our DVM Concierge who can answer all of your questions about working in a culture of collaboration.

✓ Compensation that reflects my contributions


We have a commitment to do right by our team. As such, we conduct annual market evaluations by a third-party professional group to ensure that your compensation remains competitive. Should the evaluation prove otherwise, we adjust all the team members in that role – not just the new hires.

There is also the unique opportunity to earn additional income with us through shared practice ownership; we’re offering Joint Ventureship opportunities for the right veterinarians who want to join us in our growth.

Reach out to us to discuss your salary expectations and to learn more about what Joint Ventureship can look like for you.

✓ Work-life harmony


 We know that you don’t stop being a veterinarian when you go home at the end of the day, and that you don’t stop being a parent, sibling, and friend when you’re at work either. It’s our responsibility to create an environment that enables you to thrive in both roles.

As a full-time veterinarian with us, you’ll only ever work a maximum of 38-42 hours/week on a rotating schedule. Your 30-minute appointments are upheld. We rigorously adjust our schedule and staffing to anticipate same-day emergencies and urgent care without double-booking. You can go home for lunch if you’d like, and we work hard to get our team out the door on time at the end of the day.

When you call in sick, go on vacation, or enjoy your birthday with your paid day off, we have the resources to ensure seamless patient care and scheduling resolutions. Plus, your sick days, bereavement, mental health days, and family emergencies are all combined and are yours to use how you see fit. This allows you the flexibility to take an extra step back during the death of a loved one (two-legged or four) or to take time off for an unexpected extended illness.

We also have the flexibility to work with your schedule. If you have children you want to see get on the bus in the morning, a dog who needs mid-day medication, or improv group on Tuesday nights, let’s talk about how a career at Neighbourhood Pet Clinic might fit within your life.

✓ Quality medicine, continuing education, and investment in technology

 As a veterinarian on our team, you’ll have no shortage of modern tech at your fingertips with the resources of four locations, including electrocautery, Tonovet, recently updated digital radiography and PACS, and (what we’ve been told by our supplier) is the best ultrasound unit in London: the General Electric Logiq E10.

But technology on its own can’t provide quality and kind medical care. At Neighbourhood Pet Clinic, you’ll always be learning, with paid CE/CE days and the assistance of our Training and Development Coordinator to schedule regular team-wide learning opportunities. When it comes to managing emotional pain in your patients, you’ll have the confidence of paid Fear Free training (offered to all team members) and will be consistently prompted for your feedback on how to improve patient comfort.

Ask us anything about our vision to create a space that provides innovative care in facilities that dogs and cats actually want to visit.

Can you see yourself thriving as part of a team like this?

Let’s start a conversation about what you’re looking for at this stage of your career and how Neighbourhood Pet Clinic might fit into your future.

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