Leo’s mom had tried every trick in the book. Despite switching to a large litter box and different brand of litter, scooping the box twice daily, and using special cleaners, Leo would still occasionally urinate on the laundry room floor.

Frustrated and concerned for his health, she brought him to the veterinarian. She knew that in male cats especially, urinary symptoms should be quickly addressed.

He was a very handsome boy. With white-and-tan flamepoint colouring, big blue eyes, and a freckled nose, Leo was the type of cat you’d want to show off. However, his mom reported that he had always been anti-social. While he was occasionally affectionate with his family, he hated to be picked up and was terrified of visitors.

Leo’s mom was surprised to learn that this behaviour may have been linked to his urinary issues. Like Leo, most cats deal with some level of stress. Sometimes it is caused by a large issue, such as underlying pain or sickness, a tense relationship with a furry family member, or a past trauma.

However, many cats are very sensitive to minute changes in their environment, too: the furnace turning on, a new car sound in the neighbour’s driveway, even the dump truck coming by on garbage day. Often, stressors big and small can be manifested in changes in urinary health (which, in turn, causes more stress).

After a thorough examination, Leo went home with a therapeutic food formulated for urinary health and stress control as well as some recommendations for supplements and pheromone sprays. His family also made some small changes around the house, such as moving the litter box out of the laundry room and changing the location of his food bowl.

Within a few months, Leo’s mom reported that he was a different cat. He would hurry downstairs to greet guests, would enjoy being picked up, and the family even moved houses without any “accidents”.

Leo’s mom felt guilty that for so long, she had assumed Leo was simply a loner and a scaredy-cat. Once the causes of his anxiety were addressed and his urinary issues were resolved, his true friendly, snuggly personality was revealed.

Now, Leo is a healthier and happier kitty… and with one less floor to clean, his mom is happy too!

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