What is the best part of pet ownership? Maybe it’s the joy, companionship, and unconditional love. Perhaps it’s the way our furry friends make us belly laugh to the point of tears. It could be waking up to a friendly face or looking forward to seeing them at the end of a rough day.

You may know someone who could uses a little more company, laughter or encouragement. Pet ownership can benefit anyone but, for seniors especially, it can be life-changing.

After retirement, when children have grown and jobs have ended, it feels good to take care of something. Humans have a need to love and be loved and caring for a furry friend can fill that purpose.

Pets have been known to improve emotional well-being, but they can also have an impact on physical health. In addition to reducing blood pressure and stress, they can also encourage the owner to get outside more, to socialize, and sometimes just to get out of bed in the morning.

Pet ownership is a big responsibility though, and certain factors should be considered when looking to add a furry family member. A dog may be better for an active senior and a cat for someone with more mobility challenges. However, physical limitations don’t have to limit the ability to have a pet. There are resources available such as dog walkers, mobile groomers and in-home care that can help take the stress out of caring for your companion.

Finding the perfect pet can be difficult, but consider those waiting for their “fur-ever” home at the animal shelter. It would be a dream come true for these friends to be adopted by a retiree. They would love nothing more than to share a life with a mom or dad who has the time to give them extra love.

The best part of pet ownership is likely different for everyone. For people with age related-limitations, it could be how our furry family members live in the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow may be scary for an older person, which makes seniors and pets a perfect match. With so much love to give, adopting a furry family member doesn’t just change one life, it changes two.

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