It’s a little-known fact that in the veterinary community, October is “Veterinary Technician Month”, during which we recognize the individuals in this often overlooked position. Another best-kept secret is what exactly these healthcare professionals actually do!

This month, we’d like to recognize the impact they make in our patients’ lives.

Veterinary technicians use their medical knowledge and clinical expertise to provide a very wide range of nursing care to their patients under the advice of a veterinarian. In Ontario, those who complete their studies at an accredited college, pass a licensing exam, and do ongoing annual certifications are considered to be Registered Veterinary Technicians (or RVTs).

But what does this all mean for your furry family member?

It means that at your pets exam, a friendly face can take their history and vitals for the veterinarian, disguising their actions as pets and belly rubs. Strangers can be scary for our furry friends, but since veterinary technicians have such broad knowledge, the same trusted person can take their X-rays, polish their teeth, draw their blood, administer their medications, monitor their anaesthesia, and more.

If a job requires getting dirty, it usually means calling for a vet tech. They’ll bravely comb through a patient’s vomit, express an anal gland, or prepare a fecal sample with a smile on their face. Since animals are extremely receptive to the energy we project, they will appreciate the calm manner in which these sensitive tasks are handled.

Having a veterinary technician means that if your pet is hospitalized and refusing to eat, someone will sit cross-legged on the floor with them, warm up their food (or maybe even whatever the veterinary technician brought for their own lunch that day), and lovingly hand-feed them while expertly monitoring their care.

It also means that when your pet is approaching the rainbow bridge, they’ll have a trusted friend to help them across and to support their favourite person when they’re gone. This friend will help keep them calm in their last moments and will treat them with respect, even when their soul is no longer in the building.

Although these actions are done quietly in the background of your pet’s care, they make all the difference. This October, and all through the year, that’s something to celebrate.

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