For many pets, the world beyond the backyard is just begging to be explored. These friends will sneak out at any opportunity, looking for adventure. Other cats and dogs are more cautious, but by simply following an impulse such as chasing a squirrel or stalking a bird, they may suddenly find themselves in a scary and unfamiliar place.

Play It Safe

Nobody wishes for their pet to go missing, but the situation is more manageable if your pet’s identification is up-to-date. If they are microchipped, check online to verify that your contact information is linked to their microchip number. Otherwise, if your pet is found, their microchip can be scanned but there will be no way for the finder to know who to call.

Spread the Word

If your pet goes missing, use old-fashioned neighbourhood posters and the power of social media. Websites like London Lost Pets ( can help by broadcasting your pet’s information to their followers. You should also contact any shelters in your area as well as your microchip company to file a lost pet report and see if any pets matching their description have been located.

Where to Look

If you’re looking for a missing cat, don’t forget to look up! Cats are very talented at climbing up trees, but not-so-great at getting back down. You may also try putting something with your pet’s scent outside your door, such as a bed or litter box, to draw them home. Remember not to put out food, as this will almost certainly attract different neighbourhood critters instead!

There are many dangers that lurk in the city, especially to frightened and confused animals. Plus, animals are excellent at hiding pain, so it’s always a good idea to have them evaluated by a veterinarian upon their return to make sure that they are not injured or sick. Don’t forget, if you find an animal that you suspect may be lost, try to take a photo of them or if you can, take them to a veterinarian to scan for a microchip so that the owner may be contacted.

Together, we can all do our part to help our furry friends find their ways back to their loving families.

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