A cat’s trust is a delicate thing. Anyone who has ever had a kitty offer her belly for a rub knows just how quickly that trust can be broken. In just a few moments, the cat often changes her mind and bites down hard on the loving human’s hand. We wonder what could have possibly caused this speedy change of heart. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could better understand cats? Here are a few things they would say if they could speak our language.

“My sister hogs the bathroom!”

Sharing a bathroom is not just a conflict for human siblings; feline friends need their space too! It’s recommended to have 1.5 litter boxes for every cat. This means that two kitties should have three places to do their business and, if they don’t, they may resort to other spots like a couch or carpet.

“Would you make grandma do that?”

As cats age, they become less agile. Just like humans may need special help to do everyday tasks as we age, you can expect the same with a senior kitty. Cats have an incredible ability to hide their pain, so you may not notice your friend is struggling. Providing them with water on every level of the home and giving them a litter box with a lower lip (or a cookie sheet for elderly cats) are easy ways to help your older friend.

“I’m sooooooo bored!”

A happy cat plays hard and naps harder. When a cat explores a box that is difficult to get into or a new toy with a challenging feature, he is mentally and physically stimulated. Cats also need to chase and hunt. Without outlets like toys or laser pointers to keep them occupied, they may use that extra energy on your furniture. Just make sure they have plenty of small, cozy spaces for snoozing when they’re played out!

We might not be able to actually have these conversations with our cats, but we can certainly answer their requests. Although some kitty behaviour may always be a mystery, like the “belly rub hand trap,” we can do our best to build their trust and be rewarded with loyal (but fierce) furry friends.

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