We are proud to offer professional grooming at both of our Neighbourhood Pet Clinic locations.

We welcome you to stop by to meet our groomers and take a tour of our facility. Each clinic has its own groomer so your furry family member is able to develop a relationship and feel comfortable when they are here for their appointment. When your furry little one is here for a groom, they receive one-on-one personalized attention, with no other pets in the grooming room.

  • Dog Grooming
  • dog grooming
    Both of our Neighbourhood Pet Clinic locations have professional, experienced groomers. When your furry family member comes in for their appointment the groomer will chat with you about what you would like done during the visit.

    Services included in each full dog groom:

    • Nail trim
    • Ear cleaning and trimming
    • Fresh breath foam/gel applied to teeth
    • Pre-bath trim
    • Bath with professional grade, colour corrected or all natural shampoos and deep coat and skin conditioner
    • Towel dry
    • Hand blow dry
    • Finish trim
    • Hand scissor finishes

    If you have any additional requests please let the groomer know. We are also able to express your furry little one’s anal glands, if needed. There is an additional cost on top of the groom price for this service. If your canine family member just needs a bath and brush out, or just a trim up between full grooms, please contact us and our team members would be happy to assist you.

  • Cat Grooming
  • Spa days (or as we call them, “sPAW” days) aren’t just for the dogs, feline friends need pampering too! We understand that feline family members aren’t generally as excited to jump into a bathtub as dogs are so we work with the individual cat to ensure that every visit to see us is a positive one. If you would like to book a grooming appointment for your feline family member please contact us and our team members would be happy to assist you.

    Services included in each full cat groom:

    • Nail trim
    • Ear cleaning
    • Fresh breath foam/gel applied to teeth
    • Waterless bath/traditional bath and blow-dry
    • Brush out
    • Shave out mats, if needed

    A popular hair cut for feline family members is the lion cut. This hair style leaves the tail, face and paw hair long, while the rest of the body is shaved down. It is a great style for long haired cats in the warm summer months, as well as for those with knot-prone hair.

  • Grooming and Pet Shuttle
  • We know that sometimes you could use a little help getting your pet groomed. Whether it’s an issue of transportation or just to save you time, our pet shuttle is here to help.

    Give us a call to arrange a time for us to pick up your furry family member. A staff member will come to your door and bring your cat and dog to one of our clinics to get groomed. There, they will enjoy a speciality spa treatment by our professional groomers. Once finished, we will then deliver him or her back to your home.

    This service is currently available for $5 in addition to the price of the groom. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a shuttle pick up, contact us and we would be happy to help.

    grooming shuttle

  • Groom with Sedation
  • Some furry little ones love to get pampered while others aren’t as excited for a bath, hair cut, or nail trim. We do all we can to work with your furry family member, but sometimes sedation is the best option for the well-being and safety of both the pet and our team.

    Prior to the grooming appointment, the veterinary team will perform a comprehensive examination on your furry little one to decide if sedation is a safe option for them. We may also request blood work to have a better idea of what’s going on inside your pet. Based on the hands-on physical examination and any laboratory test results, the veterinarian will decide if this is the right option for your pet, and if so, which drug is the best choice for your furry little one.

    If you think that your furry family member may benefit from being sedated for their groom, please contact us to learn more or to book an initial consult.

  • Grooming Fees
  • Please contact us to inquire about grooming prices as fees for different breeds and additional requests vary. Our team members would be happy to assist you with any questions or to book an appointment.