Puppy Membership


Become a member for $419.99 + HST and enjoy membership prices on the following services for the year:

Puppy Vaccine Exams | $0.00 Reg. $101.19

Some vaccines are considered essential (and even mandatory) for all dogs, but the exact number of vaccinations recommended for your furry family member will depend on their personalized vaccine schedule and lifestyle. On average, if an adult dog has received all of their puppy vaccinations, they will need about two to three vaccines at each annual visit.


Additional Exams | $50.60 Reg. $101.19

Your puppy will likely require additional vet visits during their first year of life, whether for minor injuries, routine care, or other concerns. This membership gives you peace of mind knowing that you can call and book your little one in for a doctor’s assessment at any time during the year for half of the regular price.


Puppy Vaccinations | $14.39 per vaccine Reg. $28.77

The exact number of vaccinations recommended for your puppy will depend on their lifestyle. However, in order to start their life with optimal immunity to the most common diseases, most dogs require vaccine visits at around 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. At each visit, one or two vaccines are usually administered.


Spay or Neuter | $353.27 Reg. $706.54* (*cost based on sex and weight)

Your puppy’s spay or neuter will include: pre-anesthetic surgical examination, pre-surgical medication, and fluid treatment, along with “human standard” surgical protocols, full technician monitoring (ECG, blood pressure, 0²  saturation & temperature), and take-home pain medications.


Pre-Surgical Blood Work | $92.93 Reg. $185.85

Before your puppy’s spay or neuter, we will recommend a basic blood profile that allows our team to identify and plan for risk factors that may affect their surgery, anesthesia, and recovery. This blood work also establishes a baseline to be used for comparison in the future if your dog ever becomes ill.


Nail Trims | $11.65 Reg. $23.30

Long nails are painful for dogs. Untrimmed nails affect the way that they walk and limit them from doing all the activities they love. Regular nail trims with lots of love and treats help to form a positive association with the process, and encourages good foot health for your furry family member.

Since most puppies require a vet visit and vaccines at 8, 12, and 16 weeks (in addition to any routine care visits throughout the year), Puppy Wellness Memberships tend to pay for themselves after the first few visits.

Ask our team about Wellness Membership at your next visit. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or get you started with the next steps for enrollment. Save a mobile-friendly version of this plan for your reference during your upcoming visit.

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