In-Home Services

Being a pet parent is so rewarding, but sometimes it can be challenging to meet all of our furry family member’s needs. Whether you’re faced with a busy schedule, mobility challenges, or just need a helping hand, we offer a wide range of mobile services to accommodate. Contact us to inquire about the many mobile services we offer.

Dog Walking

If you find your pooch has a lot of energy in the evenings or is gaining weight, it could be a result of inactivity. Dogs love companionship and exercise, so it can be tough for them to spend the day alone while their families are at school or work.

Our dog walkers will gladly visit your home and walk your dog so he or she can enjoy a break with some play and socialization.

This also makes a thoughtful gift for someone with a recent newborn or recovering from illness/surgery.

Litter Changes

Cats make such wonderful companions, but mobility challenges and health issues can make it difficult or hazardous to change the litter.

If you need a hand, allow us to come and clean your cat’s litter so you can enjoy pet parenthood without the danger or stress.


If you’re away for most of the day, or leaving for an extended period for a vacation, our at-home services can help to supplement your pet’s care in your absence.

We can feed your furry family member, change their water, allow them a bathroom break (or change the litter), and check in on their overall health. We will make sure that they get lots of love, socialization, and play during our visit as well!

  • Product Delivery
  • Our delivery service is available for dropping off food, medications or pet supplies from our clinic to your house or place of work. This service is free of charge.

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  • Pet Shuttle
  • The shuttle service brings you and your furry family member (or just your furry little one) to our clinic to visit the veterinary team or groomer. This service includes a ride home after the appointment as well.

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  • Mobile Vet Services
  • Our mobile veterinary service brings a veterinarian and assistant or technician to visit you and your furry family member in the comfort of your own home. This is a great service for those with mobility challenges, and for those furry little ones that are anxious travelers or are more comfortable in their home.

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